Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Back to Basics

Sometime last year I decided to try a smart phone for keeping my schedule and tasks in order. Got a Droid. Loved the Droid. It was working for a while.

Some time this summer, I downloaded a reputable app to my phone. Since then, it has been nothing but trouble. I have reset the memory several times. I have restored it to factory settings. I have done everything I know to do. I even took it to the Verizon store and had that guy try, but he didn't do anything except tell me I could buy a new phone. Grr.

As it is now, for months my phone has done a random shut-down trick where it turns itself off and then refuses to turn back on. It doesn't matter if the battery is fully charged or not. It has a crazy mind of its own. I've been stuck on several occasions where I really needed to get to my calendar or contact list and have been unable to because my dumb phone has been in the middle of one of its fits.

No more. I have decided to "upgrade" to a not-so-smart phone, do away with the $30/month data package, and get a paper planner. This has been one case where the concept of the technology is fabulous, but doesn't match the reality of the technology. Paper planners won't slam closed and refuse to open at critical moments. They will not discard and lose precious information. True, they're not as fun as a fancy phone, and the paper planner will NOT ding reminders at me throughout the day (hopefully this isn't too problematic... those dinging reminders have saved me a few times!). But I've had it with this phone and overpaying while it under delivers. Time for me to go back to the basics!

I went this morning to see if I could find one. I got this one at Barnes & Noble, and I've spent a good chunk of the morning / early afternoon transferring information. I really like the format of the pages. Like the little birds on the cover. And it's big enough to have space to write, but not so big that I need a suitcase to haul it around. I think this one will work for me *crossing my fingers*


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