Friday, September 16, 2011

Breakfast of Champions

this morning, meagan wanted to eat a bowl full of junk for breakfast (cookie crisp... not that i don't love cookie cereal as much as the next guy, but i don't feel it constitutes a healthy breakfast, it's really more of a snack or a treat).
trying to get her to choose something healthy to go along with it just wasn't working. Until... i stumbled across something on accident, and she LOVED the idea! She still got her cookie cereal, but only just a tiny bit, and she got a bowl full of good-for-you yummies to go with it.

i sliced a banana into a bowl, sprinkled some cocoa and almond granola over the banans, added a shake of cookie crisp, and then covered it with almond milk. she chowed - i mean CHOWED - that breakfast down! loved every last bight of it. and she got a full serving of fruit and very little junkity cereal to go with it. win / win.


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