Friday, September 9, 2011

Today's Noteables...

A few highlights of the day, because I can't stand not blogging, so I MUST do something! :)

* I sort of took the day off today (can you do that when you stay at home?) I did laundry, but have yet to foldit as of 9:30pm. I scrubbed the shower. I emptied and loaded the dishwasher. I got the kids to and from school. And I followed up with the builder guy about our door/floor. And I made dinner... barely. That about sums up the extent of my responsible behavior for the day. Other than that, I browsed blogs and forums, I did a layout, and tinkered around the house. I didn't even make lunch... get this (Karen, if you're reading this close your eyes for a minute...) I ate Doritos and a Little Debbie cake for lunch. Um, yeah. That's not the healthiest lunch I've ever had.

* Sebastian had practice tonight. He can now do his round-off back handspring on his own. He got moved up to the 'harder' practice group. He seems to love every second of gymnastics, and he's doing really well at it. Makes the driving and the hours worth it.

* Monday I start a carpool with another gymnastics mom. SOOOO excited about this! She has 2 girls that go to the same school as Isaac & Meagan. The youngest is also in 1st grade, and she and Meagan are becoming fast friends. Makes me happy.

* Tomorrow morning we have a football game, and I get to work the concession stand. As of right now, Isaac's team is ranked first in their age group. So I guess they're doing alright. He still really really enjoys football, so that's good as well!!

So now I'm off to watch TV and fold laundry... and get football gear together for tomorrow... and maybe pack for a quick trip to Ohio for a football party tomorrow night. Lots to do. Why not start at 9:30?!


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