Friday, February 17, 2012

February BYOC

I am SO late getting these layouts up to share with you. So I'm going with 'better late than never.' How's that? Again this month, the Lilypad's BYOC is GORGEOUS! And I didn't have nearly enough time to use all the amazing stuff I wanted to use! MUST find time to go back and use everything at least once because I love it all!

I did manage to get 2 layouts done with it...

The first is just an everyday page of Meagan and her Pet Shop toys. Everywhere. They take over the house. But she loves them.
Journaling: 'pet shop love is still going strong. she still loves to get her animals out and set up shop in the middle of the floor.'

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The second, I did for a Digi Dare... 29 (because this year is Leap Year, so Feb has 29 days) reasons I love my kiddo... he's a pretty cool kid!
Journaling: "29 of the ten billion reasons I love you...

1. Your heart for God is inspiring 2. You look past others' imperfections 3. You see the value in each individual 4. You are patient 5. You are humble 6. Your imagination is incredible 7. You have a great sense of humor 8. You are super smart 9. You are a loyal and faithful friend 10. You befriend the friendless 11. You will go out of your way to do what is good 12. You take correction with a good attitude 13. You encourage others 14. You are slow to get angry 15. You're passionate 16. You can laugh at yourself 17. You draw awesome comics 18. You are a very talented writer 19. I love to watch you do gymnastics 20. You don't try overly hard to impress others 21. Your self worth isn't wrapped up in what others think 22. You still come in and snuggle me in the mornings before school 23. You put others before yourself 24. You are unselfish...(most of the time) 25. You have a gentle spirit 26. You are generous 27. You dare to dream 28. You love to have fun 29. You make me happy"

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