Thursday, February 23, 2012

Project Life 2012: Week 4

Finally!! Week 4 is in the books...litterally. It took forever! I had SO many pictures (from 2 gymnastics meets, plus every-day life), and most of them were dark and icky... meaning LOTS of photo editing. Blech.

But here it is...

Some close ups...
I love washi tape... can I just say that I have a small addiction to washi tape. Amazon has tons of it, and I sometimes will just go online and dream shop in my mind. *sigh*

This week I also decided to add an insert of additional 4x6 photos to capture a bit more of their meets so that I had plenty of room in the main pages to capture the rest of the week.

Left side (and 4x6 insert):

Right side (and 4x6 insert):

And since you really can't see all of the journaling to get the meaning behind most of the photos, here's a recap of the week:
- after being U-Verse customers for a few years, we had Dish Network installed this week. Tired of paying so much for tv
- Banana muffins and homemade fruit roll ups for snacks
- The kids got to eat giant cookies for breakfast Monday morning
- Meagan drug all her doll houses and little creatures up from the basement. That stuff takes over the world when it leaves the basement.
- A pig. Just one of the many random things you can hope to find floating around our house at any given time. Random.
- And of course, 2 gymnastics meets... one on Sunday, one the next Saturday.


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Claire said...

Niiiice!! Love what you did with the gymnastics meet.