Tuesday, February 28, 2012

right now: the 2/28 edition

random bits & pieces from right now...

right now i am sitting in the quiet living room in my pj's with my hoodie on and my hood up. random. but i'm a bit chilly. i can hear lucas down in the basement... he's playing online with his buddies. i like that.

right now there is a lacrosse stick and ball on our kitchen island, and a helmet and 2 bags of equipment in the floor. we found a second-hand sports shop not far from here, and saved about $45 by getting a few of the items used. nice. parents' meeting tomorrow. first practice on thursday.

today (although not RIGHT now, because he's sleeping) sebastian came home from school and told me he wants to play the cello. ummm... apparently they had instrument testing today at school, when the kids get to try out different instruments and see what they like. sebastian took a liking to he cello and has it totally set in his mind that he will be playing cello for music class next year. there's an informational meeting about 'strings' on thursday. after gymnastics. and after lacrosse. but before we ever get to sit down to eat dinner. ;)

right now meagan is reading at level I. seeing as she started at level C at the beginning of the year, this is a huge improvement. she has gained such confidence in the past few months with regards to reading aloud. it's great!!

right now i'm pondering whether i'll do anything eventful for leap day tomorrow. i doubt it. but it seems like we SHOULD do something for it... i mean, we've got a whole EXTRA day at our disposal... you would think we could do SOMETHING with that, right? maybe i'll try to make cupcakes or a fun snack for the kids for after school. we'll see.


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