Tuesday, February 28, 2012

schedule me this and schedule me that....

oh my word. i do honestly see now how i manage to get almost nothing done sometimes. i'm running running running ALL. THE. TIME. truly.

last night i got an email from isaac's lacrosse coach with the schedule. can i just say that i had to go over it three times before i felt like i wasn't going to have heart failure. aaack! i guess i did not realize it would be a 3 month season, or that there are so many double-headers involved in this sport. or that the equipment requires a second mortgage for purchase. *sigh* but he has been SUCH a champ for the past five months as i've drug him around from gymnastics practice to gymnastics meet and back to practice again. he doesn't complain. he's not crabby about it. he just does it. and so i am excited for him to finally be the one who gets to be DOING instead of sitting and waiting.

unfortunately, it will mean double driving duty for me, especially on days when lucas can't get home from work... which is often these days... but that's another topic altogether. isaac's practices will be on the same days as meagan's gymnastics practices - tuesday, thursday. thankfully, they are staggered JUST enough that i should be able to drop him off and get back to the gym to pick her up, and then get back to lacrosse to pick him up again. i'm not really sure where dinner fits into all of this yet, but i'm sure we'll manage to squeeze it in somewhere. we may very well be relying on canned soup and cold cuts for a few months. but it's doable.

on top of all of this, we DID decide to go ahead and sign meagan up for softball. i talked to her about it several times... even tried to nonforcefully talk her out of doing it (for my own sake, more than anything, as i'm not super excited about MORE driving). but she just very simply, and without whinng or anything (surprisingly), said 'i just want to TRY something new. i've never done any sport except gymnastics.' and she's right. and i want her to do gymnastics because she loves it and it's what she wants... otherwise we're paying a lot of time and money into something she's doing by default... which makes very little sense. so, softball it is. i think i shall need lots of bubble baths to get me through these next few months. :)


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