Monday, February 20, 2012



Having a job with hours in the middle of the day has really thrown a kink in my routine. I've got to really work on rearranging the way I use the hours I have available so that I can get a few
more things accomplished... including blogging. But honestly, I don't know what I can blog about that would be all that interesting at the moment. So assume THIS for all the days I don't blog: I got up, got the kids off to school, ate breakfast, did a wee little bit around the house, went to work, picked the kids up from school, took someone to gymnastics, made dinner, got everyone through homework and showers, went to bed. That pretty much sums up daily life around here these days.

Even so, there ARE little things in each day that make that day special. Today's special little moments...

* Meagan learned to tie shoes! She had to get new shoes, due to the fact that her old tennis shoes were completely falling apart. She chose shoes with ties. I showed her once, and Sebastian showed her once. After 2 tries, she got it! Now she's a pro. Love that!
* Sebastian got his kip on high bar at practice today! For many of you, this will mean nothing, but trust me when I say that kips are some of the hardest things to learn at first, and they're a foundation for almost everything else on bars. So the fact that he got this is major big! His coach made him a bet, and Sebastian won $1.50 for making 3 kips in a row! Sweet!
* I epically failed at dinner tonight. We had Wendy's. It was not so good. And of course, it never fails that someone's order was screwed up. Tonight it was mine. I swear 'no mayonaise' translates to 'extra' sometimes. *sigh*
* We're reading the 3rd book of How to Train Your Dragon right now, so that was our bedtime story. We don't get to read every night, but the kids always love the nights that we do get to read a bit.
* The day off of school for President's Day. I started gutting our master closet so I can make an attempt to organize and arrange it better. Right now, it's just a mess.


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