Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Day 2 on the job (yesterday) went well. I've had some funny - and some not-so-funny - experiences already. I've had girl drama to contend with; I've had a few heartbreaking moments that made me just want to hug and squeeze a few kids; and I've had this kid......

During the 2nd grade recess, a little boy came up to me. He said, "I've been watching you. You might be new, but you're GOOD." I smiled (trying not to laugh) and thanked him. Then he ran off and played. As they were all lined up and heading back inside, though, this little guy popped up again. He gave me a high five, and he called over his shoulder as he was walking inside, "Good job, Rookie!" I cracked up! What a character!



Claire said...

Awwwe!! What a cutie patootie! And just when it sounds like you needed it. Best of luck!

Krista said...

That is hilarious!! Great job and congrats!