Monday, August 17, 2009

Define Healthy

Tonight for dinner, Meagan caught wind of the fact that I was planning to make homemade chicken fingers. The girl does not like to eat meat (unless it is in the form of a pressed-together nugget or some version of cold-cut lunch meat). She was less-than-pleased with my dinner selection. This is how she went about telling me without complaining (which happens to be a big no-no at our house that gets you sent to your bed without eating)...

"Mommy, I really want to eat something healthy for dinner.... (long pause for dramatic impact)... and chicken fingers aren't healthy for me."

"They're not? Are they healthy for me?"

"Yes, they can be healthy for other people, but they're not healthy for me. I really like to eat healthy food."

(Sounds good, doesn't it?)

"Well, Meg, what is healthy for you then?"

"Well, stuff like ice cream. Ice cream is healthy for me..... (pausing to decide whether the next bit is too much or not.... aah, just go for it).... and cookies are healthy too!"

In the end, she ate the chicken fingers, as well as the peas, and the macaroni. She also added a banana and some grapes once her plate was clean.... which, by the way I was later informed that fruit is also healthy for her. But not peas.

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