Monday, August 24, 2009


This past weekend we made a last-minute trip to Grandma & Grandpa B.'s house. Earlier this summer, they had made plans to take the kids for a few days of vacation at Cedar Point, but plans were undone due to back injury issues. Well, this past weekend was fair weekend at their place, and the kids have loved the fair the past few times we've gone. So we headed down for bracelet day on Saturday. They each got a ride bracelet, which meant five hours of running like maniacs from one ride to the next... or running in loops on the same ride over and over and over again! Whatever the case, they had a great time!

Saturday evening, Mom & Mike took the kids to Chucky's for dinner, and Lucas and I got some just-the-two-of-us time! That doesn't happen very often, so it was a really nice getaway! We went out for way too much Mexican food! Then we went to the movies (we saw District 9, which was altogether odd, but interesting, and relatively entertaining for the non-sci-fi girl that I am). Love date nights every now and then!

Sunday, we got up, got packed and ready early, and then headed to the dollar movies before heading home. We went to see the 3rd Ice Age. Rather cute movie. Meagan loved the baby dinosaurs! All in all, it was a great weekend! We had lots of fun visiting, and playing and hanging out! Now, all we have to do is get through the week, and it will be time to visit with Grandma & Grandpa H. The kids are in grandparent heaven! And we are loving the chance to get to see everyone again before school and schedules kick in again!

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