Friday, August 14, 2009

Too Bad...

After dinner tonight, Meagan went outside to play while I cleaned up the kitchen. I peeked out a few times, and each time she was in the middle of make-believe. One time she was playing school, and she was the preschool teacher. One time it looked like she was walking through a jungle or something...I didn't interrupt her to ask. So I was surprised when the door opened up, and she came walking into the kitchen.

"Mommy, our sunflower that was used to be bright and shiny is dead." I turned around to find her carrying a handful of dead, dried out roots and grass blades (not a sunflower in actuality, but to her just about every flower is a sunflower). She took it over to the trash can and, sadly, placed the lump of dirt into the bin. "Too bad, huh?" she said in a sad, tiny little voice. "I guess it just ran out of oxygen. It's really too bad when that happens."

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