Friday, August 14, 2009

I wasn't expecting that!

Tonight for dinner, I got brave and made stuffed green peppers. This is a meal that I have always liked, ever since Nancy made them when I was little. However, for fear of dinner-time backlash, I have, until now, avoided making them. I figured, since I get complaints from mac & cheese and chicken fingers, there would be quite the uproar about a meal of green pepper, tomato sauce, sausage and rice.

All I can say is, maybe it was all in my sales pitch? When the kids came in from playing outside, they, like always, came straight over to the stove to inspect the soon-to-be-eaten meal. "What's that?!" was Isaac's response. Hmmm... choose your words carefully, I thought to myself. "Well, it's like a green pepper with sausage pizza stuffed inside... it has sausage and pizza sauce and cheese... and just a little bit of rice to make it stick together."

"Oh." was the only response.

We sat down and started eating. I braced myself. Much to my surprise, however, I was greeted with, "Mmmm... it kind of does taste like pizza.... this is kind of good.... can I have more?" Music to my ears! I must say that stuffed peppers was not the meal I was expecting to bring such responses, but I'll take it!! Sa-weeeet!


joelsgirl said...

Recipe please. :) Your new blog looks nice, too!

Rebecca H. said...

Just wanted to let you know I posted the recipe. hope you like it!