Thursday, August 27, 2009

Random bits & pieces

Hard to believe our week is already coming to a close. Feels like this week has flown by! Tuesday and Wednesday were my last 2 days of watching my friend's little boy... he hung out with us for a few days a week throughout August. The kids have loved having him around, and Meagan says he is 'just the cutest thing ever!' I think she is really going to miss him!

This week was also the last week of the summer gymnastics session. Next week Meagan will be moving up to a more advanced level, which will definitely be good. For the past month at least, she's been literally bouncing off the walls! Flying through the obstacle courses and stations that are set up... she's even started making up her own things to do, which sometimes gets her in a bit of trouble! LOL! On the other hand, Isaac has decided not to rejoin his class for the fall session. He would rather just sit & watch, and save his energy for something else...I think he has his sites set on flag football. Sebastian is continuing on with boys' pre-team. He seems to be a little torn with what he wants to do. I think he wants to do gymnastics AND football. I would like to be able to let him do that... he's just so young to be ruling out everything else besides gymnastics. I don't will really depend on the schedule. I already feel a bit like a taxi service!

Tomorrow we are going to hang out at home. I HAVE to clean a few things and get some laundry done before the weekend. We also are preparing for guests!! Yea!! Luc's parents are coming to visit for the weekend. We're all really looking forward to it!

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