Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Pictures

I decided rather than creating my own slide show... which takes a TON of work... I would let Photobucket do it for me. (It took me forever to figure out how to put this little slide show into this post, so you BETTER look at it!! If you want to see them bigger, just click on the slideshow.) :)

We had a BEAUTIFUL Easter Sunday! God is good! He gave us plenty of warm sunshine to brighten an already amazing day! We got up early, got everyone ready in time for a few pictures, and then headed to church. When we got home, Lucas, Guy & I hid eggs for the kids to find while Jane kept them busy upstairs (or kept them from peaking out the windows, more like it). They had a great time!! I love love LOVE watching their minds at work and their excitement when they find what they're looking for! We had a great lunch out (yes, we did the restaurant thing for Easter dinner... so I cheated!!) Great day! I'm happy!

Just as a side note... the deal with Meagan and the curlers. Yesterday Jane and I kept trying to convince Meagan to let us curl her hair for Easter. She kept insisting that she did not want curly hair. But we bought sponge rollers anyway. After bathtime, and a wee bit of coaxing, I convinced her to let me try it... if she didn't like it, we could wet her hair down & make it straight again. So I put curlers in her hair while she colored.

This morning, when we took the curlers out, she LOVED it! At one point, she turned to Jane and said, "See, I told you my hair was gonna look pretty with curls." Later she declaired that she wants curly hair every day! I think we've created a monster!! LOL! But it was worth it 'cause she looked CUTE!


Anonymous said...

Her hair turned out adorable!! My mom used to put those curlers in my hair when I was little also. I'm pretty sure I hated having to sleep on them though!!


Rebecca H. said...

HP, what on earth for?!! Your hair is the most perfectly curled beautiful stuff EVER! seriously, you KNOW i'm jealous of your hair!! :)