Thursday, April 29, 2010

May BYOC Layouts

Okay, I just have to say that being a part of The Lilypad's creative team has been a blast, but has most definitely cut into my sleeping time! *LOL* I just keep staying up late to scrap because I want to use all of the new stuff coming out! I'm addicted... I may need to seek help! :)

Today is the release of the May 2010 Build-Your-Own-Collab kit. I must admit, I went a little crazy! Everything was so beautiful, I couldn't resist! At any rate, it's been a nice break from all the relocation madness.
You Are Wonderful
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Happy It's Spring
Are these not the funniest pictures?!
Journaling: April 2010 - We were out in the yard on a warm Spring day. I was in the front yard weeding, and I just happened to look back to see you spinning and dancing in the back yard. You had a huge smile on your face, so happy to be out in the fresh Spring air.
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