Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Netflix and Scrap Time

Since Lucas is out of state during the week, I have had some pretty quiet evenings lately. Some nights I've read, others I've watch hockey (and yelled like a crazy person at the TV, I might add). But for the past 2 nights, I've found a perfect combination... Netflix and scrapping. Laptop in hand (or on lap, or whatever), and Netflix in PS3. I've been watching chick flicks from our instant queue like no other. And I must say, I am quite enjoying myself! Yes, I would rather have Lucas home, but if I can't have that, this will do! So far this week I've watched Baby Momma (eh... not the greatest), The Proposal (LOVED it... keeping that one in the queue for a re-watch), and The Ugly Truth (a bit abrasive, but endearing, I guess?). I still have a few girly movies piled up and ready to go whenever I get another quiet evening to myself.

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