Friday, November 5, 2010

All I Want for Christmas...

We're trying something new for Christmas this year. Every year I get, "What do the kids want for Christmas?" and then a few months of multiple phone calls and last-minute changes trying to avoid duplicate gifts... which never seems to work.

So, this year, we took the kids to Toys R Us and let them go to town with a registry gun. We've gone back through and tried to sort-of fine tune their lists... although Meagan is convinced she needs one of everything, so hers is a bit of a wreck.

Here are the three separate registries.

You can buy online from the registry or in the store from the registry. You also can do a search for the things online at if you need to see what they are (not all of the images are shown on the registry). IF you buy something off-registry that is actually ON the registry (I.e. you find it at wal-mart cheaper, or whatever), PLEASE let me know ASAP so that I can go in and edit the registry. This will help us cut down on duplicate gifts... I hope.

Also, here's a summary of what they've told me going through all of this, and sizes and all that:

Wants anything Bakugan, Kung Zhu, Lego Atlantis, and Lego Creator sets
- Pictionary Man
- Animal Crossing for Wii
- DS Pokemon game and Kung Zhu Game
- Dino Rock House
Sizes: 8 pants with adjustable waist or 8 slims, 8/10 shirts and pj's

REALLY wants:
- Imaginarium Castle and fort
- Lego Kingdom and Lego Castle stuff
- Knights & Dragons (and the big foam dragon)
- Kung Zhu
- Military building set
- Lego Prince of Persia stuff
- DS or PS2 games
Sizes: same as Sebastian

Focus on:
- Kung Zhu and regular Zhu Zhu pets & accessories
- Anything Hello Kitty
- Calico Critters (the house, the pre-school, and the rabbit and elephant families & babies)
- "Girl" Legos, Lincoln Logs, Tinker toys and constructs sets (pink pink pink)
- DS Games - she got her own DS a few days ago!!
- Whimsy Pets
- Tea Sets - she has decided to start collecting tea sets.
Sizes: size 5 pants with adjustable waist, or 5 slims, size 5/6 shirts and pj's

So there you have it. Hopefully this will give you some specific ideas for gifts and make it easier for everyone. As long as we actually USE the registry, I think this might be a good solution to the Christmas craziness we usually have. We'll see.

(I'll work on getting a permanent link up on my blog so you can find their wish lists any time you need to.)

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