Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Trick-or-Treat 2010...

Yes, I know the pictures are a few days later than SOME of you would have liked *lol*... but here you go.


I am finding that each year, the gap between raising boys and raising a girl seems to widen. Each of our kids is equally excited about costumes and candy. But the boys take a very simple approach... get dressed, get candy, the end. Meagan, however, has now reached the point of requiring a TRANSFORMATION from Meagan into her character.

I admit, Lucas and I MAY have played a wee little part in her major production this year. The costume she picked out was this long, red velvet 'princess' gown. Well, it looks like a Red Queen dress. So a few times we asked her if she wanted to be the Red Queen. "No, the Red Queen is too naughty and mean," was her answer. Until Saturday. Yes, Saturday - one day before Halloween. Saturday she decided the Red Queen would be a perfect idea for a costume.

"But I need to have hearts on my dress. And blue eyes. And a white face. And heart lips." All okay with me, so she set her heart (no pun intended) on being the Red Queen.

She even got pretty into it. She had the idea that she could be the Red Queen, and the boys could dress up as 'The Fat Boys' and she could walk around saying, "I love my fat boys." Nice. Lucas and I thought the idea was quite clever. Isaac, however, was having NO part of it. "I'll be the Mad Hatter, but not a fat boy," was his response. He's too funny.

So then she decided she would carry a pig around so she could say, "I need a pig here. I love a warm pig belly for my aching feet." Yes, she is a movie line buff.


So here is her transformation. First, normal Meagan, with her hair in a fancy bun. And hearts on her dress. Thank goodness for fabric glue.

Then the makeup.
Then the final review for approval.
Apparently, she approved.

Finally, we made it outside to take some pictures before taking off in pursuit of major loads of candy.
Sebastian... special forces ninja dude.
Isaac... king. Not a knight, a king. Just in case you might possibly make that mistake.
And of course, the Red Queen. While she was down on the ground for her pictures, she said, "Hey boys, while I'm here, you could come over and bow down to me since I'm the queen." Isaac said, "NO! I'm not bowing down to YOU. Besides, I'm a king, so I don't have to bow." Meagan's response... "Off with his head!" Seriously. This girl and movie lines. *lol*
First loot... at our neighbor's house. Meagan jumped and skipped away yelling, "Wahoo!!" (In case you are wondering, that is her pig in her left hand. I talked her into leaving it home before we set off around the block. Looking a tiny little bit into the future, I clearly envisioned myself being the one who would soon be carrying the pig. Leaving it home sounded like a great idea.)
Sebastian was much more subdued this year than he ever has been. He's been kind of like that about a lot of things really. Growing up. *sigh*
And Isaac actually WALKED this year. No running, skipping, jumping, spinning.... well not as much as usual I should say. Grandpa H. might have actually been able to get a picture of him this year had he been with us.
Meagan was excited to get an eyeball. Gross.
And she found a prize leaf. Of course, it had to come home with us. Guess who ended up carrying it.
And Isaac detoured to look for a 4-leaf clover. ??? No luck.

The night ended up with a huge stash of candy. They had a few pieces, watched a Shrek Halloween special, and then climbed into bed (after washing off all the makeup).

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These are some of the cutest pictures ever. Looked like a perfect day of trick or treating.

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