Friday, November 12, 2010

Another quiet day around the house. Meagan does not have school today, so she and her friend from down the street have been back and forth between our house and theirs. Other than that, we have watched How to Train Your Dragon, built a log cabin out of Lincoln Logs, and washed a few loads of laundry.

Meagan came back from her friend's house with a hand full of pictures she had drawn. I LOVE them... she is always drawing something or crafting something, and I love it when I can tell she is extra excited about something she has done... like it's an extra special one. Here are two extra special's...

The first one is a self-portrait and some practice with her name... see her name is scattered about so that it's like an I Spy page... at first I didn't quite get that, and I was wondering why she had written 'men' down the side. *lol* But I get it now.

And the second, a herd of zebras. Aren't they the cutest zebras you've ever seen?? I love it!


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