Friday, November 5, 2010

Paper or Digi..... Digi Dare #203

Well, this week's digi dare is up. It was my week to come up with the dare. Easy to come up with. Apparently NOT as easy to actually execute. This thing took me FOREVER just to settle on a topic, let alone get the page put together. LOL! I guess I like a challenge. :) But I finally succeeded in putting a page together that I like and that tells my story the way I wanted.

Journaling: "Once upon a time, our basement was storage for countless paper scrapbook supplies - papers, stickers, letters, stamps, paint, scissors and adhesives, ribbon, brads, buttons and the like. I was a scrap addict, and paper was my obsession. Occasionally I would glimpse a digital layout in an online gallery and admire the blending or whatever, but I was a paper girl through & through. Then one day, along came a free online tutorial. I tried it and found that I actually quite enjoyed it. My reasons for testing the waters on digital were quite practical. I had not been seduced by the artistry or the technique. I simply wanted an easy way to duplicate layouts. I ended up discovering that, while both approaches to the craft were similar in many ways - story telling and memory capturing being at the forefront of both - there were also many differences. Hands-on supplies vs. digital clicks, dimension & texture vs. a flat printed sheet; a big giant mess & lots of required storage vs. a tiny laptop and hard drive. Where once my tools were scissors, glue dots and tweezers, now my tools are Photoshop Elements, a Wacom tablet, and a good print company. Where once I feared messing up or making mistakes, now I feel free to experiment & try new things. Truth is, once I found my own style, it felt like a big weight was lifted off of me. When I scrapped with paper, there was a pressure that went with it. With digital, I feel unobstructed and free.

There was once a time when I felt torn between paper and digital. I felt I was betraying the craft into which I had put so much of myself. Today, I know that I am a better scrapper because of my decision to make the change."

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