Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Love Little Lego People

I confess. I have a crush on little Lego people. Especially the specific characters... you know, Captain Jack, Harry Potter, Yoda, Dobby. Adorable!

And Isaac has an infatuation with collecting Harry Potter Legos. We don't yet have them all, but we're working on it. He has all of the less expensive ones. We still need the Burrow, the Hogwarts Express, and Hogwarts Castle. But for Easter he got a few of the kits from us, and Grandma & Grandpa H. got him the Hogwarts board game... FUN! It's a great strategy game, and the little people are SO cute!

Journaling: "I think it started with the Harry Potter basket that his 2nd grade class put together, but Isaac has gotten hooked on Harry Potter... and Harry Potter Legos in particular. He wants to collect all of them. For Easter, Grandma & Grandpa H. got him the board game. The little people are so cute, and the game is fun!"

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