Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday, Crabby Monday


I'm not usually the 'it's Monday' gloomy kind of person. But today. Oh today. For some reason I am in a funk. Just a bit crabby. And tired. Very tired. At one point after school I actually said to Isaac, "I'm tired and crabby so stay away from me so I'm not mean to you." Yeah, like THAT wasn't mean! Sheesh.

This past Friday Meagan turned 6. I took pictures. I'll post them. Eventually. Too crabby right now *lol*


Today I spent the ENTIRE 2 1/2 hours that I have to myself in the morning cutting and organizing coupons. Blech.

When I picked Meagan up from school, we had lunch and then headed to the store to get flowers to plant.

We got flowers. And 2 chairs for the back porch. And a cushion for the bench. Which naturally led to disassembling the bench and spray painting it. Blue. Very blue. We'll see how it looks when it's done. If it's too ugly, I'll just go get more spray paint and paint over it. Brown shoudl cover blue nicely, if needed.

I didn't actually get the flowers planted. I couldn't find the shovel.

Then tonight after dinner I went to the grocery. So at least my coupon work got turned out to be useful. That's a small measure of satisfaction. Small. I love the two hours of quiet time at the grocery. I don't have to talk. To anyone. It's nice. I can make decisions, uninterrupted. It's the little things, ya know. These two hour grocery trips are little treasures disguised as chores.

But I forgot to buy contact solution, and I really need it. So I'll be going back tomorrow. It shouldn't take me 2 hours though. If it does, there's an issue.

I've reached the end of my random rambling. I'm done. Later.


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