Thursday, May 26, 2011

Right Now

What's going on in our lives right now?
Lots. And nothing much. How does that even work?

We’re coming up on the end of the school year. Today Meagan had her Kindy 500 – Big Wheel races! Loved that I got to go. She placed third in her heat, but still had a great time cheering for her friends, making a race car snack, and getting her face painted like a pink and purple tiger.

Besides that, the boys are wrapping up their school stuff as well. Sebastian has been invited to an end-of-school party at a GIRL’s house – swimming in the lake, and all kinds of fun for 3 hours on the last day of school. It’s getting to be that time when he starts to grow up and test the waters of gaining independence. Isaac has been pretty grumpy the past few days – maybe the prospect of change (summer break), maybe lack of sleep (tornado sirens and nights in the basement), or who-knows-what. But the suggestion of a trip to Ohio and a day at the zoo with Carrie (if we can work out the arrangements) put a guarded smile on his face.

Bike riding has worked its way nicely into our weekly activities. The bike paths around here are fantastic! I love that the kids are having fun on these rides - they're not wimpy little 'ride around the neighborhood' sort of rides. But they've been champs and have done a great job on them (although Isaac and Meagan sometimes wreck because they're so focused on racing and beating each other *lol*).

We've also discovered a way cool park in the nearby area - with a playground and a splash park. Yesterday we took a picnic lunch to the park and ate before playing for a bit. Our play time (well, her play time and my reading time mostly, although I did play with her a bit) was cut short by the super gusts of wind and the graying skies. But it was fun.

Today we're stuck inside due to more rain rain rain. We put Meagan's fake nails on her (she got them for her birthday). They lasted for about ten minutes before one popped off and got lost. Oh well. Nine fake nails will work too.

Now we're watching Tangled. It's going to be a chillin' out kind of day I think... with a few chores mixed in.

Besides all this, I've got a project going right now. I’m working on refinishing the bench that sits on the back deck. I’ve disassembled it, painted the metal blue, and I’m almost finished sanding the wood slats. Hopefully I can finish sanding, get them stained, and reassemble this weekend.

The bench before (flipped upside down so I could photograph the way it's assembled... for help reassembling)...

And here's the color I've repainted the metal...


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