Saturday, May 28, 2011

week 9: 2011

Well, I have NOT forgotten about my photo-a-day project. And I am still keeping up with the pictures. I just fell completely off the radar with the layouts. But the pictures are all that really matters for ultimately being able to pull this whole thing off.

Even though I haven't been scrapping them, I did get my first 8 weeks printed. And can I say, I didn't like them nearly as much as I wanted to. I think it's because the photos were all touching in a block with no real definition between them. Made it hard to really look at and differentiate the photos to be able to fully take in what was being represented for that day. No worries, though... just revamp. So I might have 8 weeks looking one way and 44 weeks looking another, but DONE is better than PERFECT I say. I'm good with that. IF I get time, I may go back and revamp the 1st 8 weeks (again). But for now, they're in the album, and they're staying that way. I have some catching up to do!

2-26 - The offer on our house required that we leave our washer & dryer behind. So we went on a shopping trip to find a new set.
2-27 - The kids have been playing Wizard 101 on the computer lately.
2-28 - The first real signs of any hope for a meltdown. We saw the sun, the grass, and blue skies. The kids took full advantage of it and headed out for fresh air. They got out every ball and bat and piece of sporting equipment we own. Meagan even broke out the knee pads and elbow guards to play "sports camp."

3-1 - DS party at our house
3-2 - Lucas drove by the new house to check the progres...he texted me a picture. Can't wait!
3-3 - Meagan and I spent the day together doing laundry and playing board games
3-4 - Family fun night at the school. It was the first time I've ever let the kids go off with friends on their own. Katie & Sebastian shared a balloon hat.

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