Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Eyes on the Prize

What a night! So much happened in such a short time. Tonight was our football / gymnastics combo night. We had eaten dinner, and had everyone heading in the right direction to get in the right vehicle with the right parent to go to the right practice. And then... Isaac ran across the yard for who-knows-what reason, and rolled his ankle AGAIN. Lucas took him to practice hoping he could shake it off and get going once practice started. But when they got there and started to get out of the truck, Isaac couldn't/wouldn't put weight on it. So they turned around and came back home. He plopped on the couch with some ice and a PS3 game. The good news is, by 8:30 he was walking on it... gingerly, but walking. I think that by tomorrow he will be good to go.

Meagan had her last practice in her current class tonight. She has been invited to move up to team starting next week. Can I just say that she is super excited about this! Super excited! And being the little rock star that she is, she earned another medal tonight at practice. This time, her medal was for doing 7 pull-ups in a row. Now she only needs the medal for splits all the way down on two sides... she is oh so close! Plus there is a t-shirt for holding a 20-second headstand. She has a ways to go on that still *lol*.

Keeping in the same train of thought, I thought I'd share a layout I did this week. I did it for the August Formula Challenge at TLP... 1 photo, 1 paper, 1 alpha, 1 element, and 1 font. Sounds easy. It was not. I am a 'dump everything on the page' kind of scrapper. being limited to one of anything - especially one picture and one alpha - was NOT easy. But it was fun to do, and quite the challenge!

Journaling: 'At Deveau's you get a medal for making it to the top of the rope for the 1st time. It took you three months of trying at nearly every single practice. Every time you tried you made it about 2/3 to 3/4 of the way up, and then climbed back down. Who knows what was different on this day, but I could see the determination on your face. You got to your usual stopping point, looked up at the top of the rope, at the bell waiting there to be rung, & you kept going. I am certain that you made it on sheer determination alone. I could tell it was hard, but you did it! Today you got your medal! And it was GREAT to see the excitement and pride on your face as you ran to show me!"

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Melissa said...

Such a cool picture! And can I say how glad I am that you're blogging again?