Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sharing Time

Time for sharing more layouts. These were two quickie layouts for me. I NEVER do a page in less than an hour, but both of these came together in no time. Love that!

Over the weekend Sebastian had to put together a report about himself. One of the things he included in his report was a blurb on his favorite books and why he likes to read so much. We piled up some of his fave's and took a picture so he could put it on his board (he had to have a photo for each of the 8 sections... so we put photoshop elements to good use). I thought while I had the picture and the info fresh in my mind, I would document it for our scrapbook as well.
Journaling: "According to Sebastian... Here is a stack of my favorite books as of Aug 21, 2011... Jack Sparrow - because they're full of fun adventures; Junie B. Jones - because Junie B. is so funny and she says and does really funny things. I wish I could write as funny as Barbara Park; Ready Freddy - because Freddy always has to find a way to solve problems and get out of trouble."

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Another every-day inspired layout. Lately I've been having to have a LOT of conversations with my daughter about her snack habits. She constantly is asking for ice cream, cookies, fruit snacks... even if we don't have it in the house, she still asks. It drives me bonkers! I want so badly for her to start forming healthy habits early so she's not having to struggle against bad habits later in life. *sigh* Seems this will be a long, drawn-out battle with her.
Journaling: "Of all our kids, Meagan, you are by far the worst eater when it comes to choosing healthy foods. You are a junk food junkie and would snack on cookies and ice cream all day."

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