Monday, August 8, 2011

a good day despite the junk

so let's see what kind of fun i can share with you today...

well, we took the cat to the vet. she won't stop throwing up all over. all over. all the time. it's awful. so we took her to the vet. blood work and a urine sample. we should get the results back tomorrow to see if they show anything. but i basically told the vet, 'our goal is to keep her as comfortable as we can for as long as we can, but we are not paying hundreds and hundreds of dollars for all kinds of surgeries and whatnot. it is what it is. if we can treat her with something simple and inexpensive, fine. if not, we'll talk.' he had said one of the next things might be biopsies... like $800 - $1,000. um, no. no that will NOT be happening. i will not spend a thousand dollars to cut a cat open, test her tissue, and maybe be able to help her, maybe not. no thank you. so that was a fun conversation. blah.

i went to the bank today to make a deposit. i also asked for $25 cash back. when i got home i realized she had only given me $20. so we went back to the bank, only to find that she had gone to lunch and no one else could help me because she had to reconcile her drawer, blah blah blah. she eventually ended up calling me and saying that she found her mistake. she credited $5 back to our account. no harm in the end. just annoying.

i made an eye appointment for sebastian. his eyes have been bothering him, so it's time to get this taken care of as well. i'm hoping the appointment will be productive and he'll get some relief. let's hope.

also had the fun of calling four different people to try to get some home warranty repairs going on our house. the floor boards by our back door have swollen up from water intrusion. we've already had the floor & door people out. and then nothing happened. well, miracle of miracles, it rained yesterday after a month & a half of no rain. and we had the joy of discovering a puddle on our kitchen floor where the rain was rolling right down the door and right into our house. oh joy.

on top of that, i'm trying to get the kids to participate in cleaning up their rooms and the basement. those days are always interesting.

so there's the kind of fun day i'm having so far. it's still a good day. we're all in a good mood. feeling very blessed by all the wonderful things we have around us. we're all getting along relatively well (isaac and meagan are always a bit iffy in that department). it's a good day - despite all the yucky junk that's been involved.

time to start planning for dinner and getting things rounded up for football practice tonight.



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