Friday, August 12, 2011

Quick Update on Isaac

As of right now, it is not looking so good for Isaac to make his first game. He is still hobbling rather than walking. It would require a miraculous turnaround before tomorrow that would enable him to run and block and tackle. Hmmm... He did tell me though that he still wants to go and watch the game with his team even if he can't play. What an awesome kid. I like him. I hope he heals quickly.


Anonymous said...

what did the x-rays show?

Val said...

What in the world? A bad tackle?

Rebecca H. said...

val, it happened in our front yard. he was about 90 seconds away from getting in the truck to go to practice, and for whatever reason decided to bust out sprinting across the driveway. he rolled it over on the edge of the grass and concrete.

it is still a little swolen and quite bruised, but he practiced on it monday and did great. he is feeling okay, so we just keep icing it at night.