Sunday, August 14, 2011

Split Personality

We've been having some issues with Meagan keeping her room clean lately. The other day it took her the better part of 3 hours to half-way pick up her mess. I finally ended up throwing all of her out-of-place items into an over sized laundry basket, and told her to put away everything in the basket. I warned her that if it wasn't put away properly, it would come back out and she would start over. In the end, her room was clean - very clean. Looked great!

Tonight when I went in to tuck her into bed, I found yet another disaster brewing on her bedroom floor. The basket of CLEAN clothes was dumped and strewn all over (because she was looking for pj's, of course), and her marbles (for who-knows-what reason) were all dumped out and spread around. Before I would tuck her in, I told her she needed to put the clothes back in the basket and pick up the marbles. I left to tuck the boys in, giving her a few minutes to work.

When I returned to her room, she was just finishing up the last few marbles, so I bent down to help her finish. While we were cleaning, we had this little conversation...

Me: Do you remember how clean your room was the other day after you put all your things away?
Meagan: Yes.
Me: It needs to be that clean all the time.
Meagan: It's just hard.
Me: Well tell messy-room Meagan to stop making giant messes and leaving her things out everywhere. Clean-room Meagan needs to be in charge and tell her to pick up after herself. Then you won't have to be doing this all the time.
Meagan: (with a sigh) Yeah, but the thing is, Clean-room Meagan doesn't really visit that often.

Really, how can you not love this girl?!


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