Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What must the teacher think? :)

Meagan's class has been doing a color focus for the first few weeks of school, focusing on one specific color each day. Yesterday was BROWN day. She wore a brown shirt, she practiced writing the word BROWN, she even did colored brown pictures.

Then her teacher asked the kids to flip over one of their workbook pages and draw a picture on the back using the color brown. Okay, so when I think of all the possibilities that a little girl might possibly draw using the color brown, a few things come to mind right away - teddy bears, horses, kitties, houses, trees...

Getting closer with the trees... HERE is what our daughter drew.

I LOVE this girl! She is a riot! She drew a deer hunter with a bow & arrow, preparing to shoot a deer (with spots AND antlers... very interesting). She drew his brown boots, and is camo pants and shirt (she told me they were his hiding tree clothes, LOL). She drew trees that he had cut down for fire wood, and the fire, and even an umbrella (???) in case it should rain I suppose.

I LOVE is bare chicken feet! And the deer - how can you not love that deer? I just wonder what her teacher thought when she got this picture? It's hard to say, but I think it's a safe bet that she is in for a year of interesting moments and surprises with our little girl.



Val said...

Is the huge gray smiley face on the front of the paper or the back? I bet she knows she's dealing with an energetic and artistic precious girl! =D

Rebecca H. said...

val, it's a big brown smily face on the back of the paper... if you look closely, you can also see the big brown boot that she colored for her workbook paper. :)