Monday, August 1, 2011

Great Things

One more layout to share with you, using more Allison Pennington goodies!
I took these pictures of Isaac at the zoo a few weeks back.

The journaling lines read:
"As your mom, I get frustrated when I don't know how to help you work through your emotions and deal with circumstances around you. I know the past few years haven't been easy, but you are doing great & making so much progress! I wish there were some magical fix I could give you to make it through the hard parts, but the truth is, I know this is between you & God. Lean on Him. Learn to know Him. Trust Him for everything. He is going to do great things with your life someday. He wants to do great things for you now."

The journaling in the circles comes from a song & reads:
* be strong in the Lord
* never give up hope
* (title) You're gonna do great things
* God's got His hand on you, so don't live life in fear.
* Forgive & forget, but don't forget why you're here.
* Take time to pray

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Krista said...

WOW what fantastic title work! Beautifully journaled and arranged!