Friday, January 18, 2008

The Macaroni Rules

Macaroni and cheese has been the source of much drama in our home for several months now, and last night's dinner was no different. We had the good-ol' mac n cheese standby for dinner, and you would have thought Isaac was going to die from it! He was sent to his room 3 different times to calm down before he ever even took his first bite, and then he was sent a fourth time for throwing a fit because it was cold by then. Sheesh.

I'm not sure what brought about this drastic change in taste. He used to gobble the stuff up, but now it may as well be poison. However, he does have some exceptions to his total macaroni boycott. The rules of macaroni engagement are as follows:

  1. Kraft macaroni & cheese is unacceptable. If it's boxed macaroni, with the little skinny noodles, the only hope of cooperation is if it's Meijer Brand. Go figure.
  2. Absolutely NO shaped noodles - no cartoons, no seashells, no spirals - especially no spirals! UNLESS....
  3. Shapes can be mixed, and then the macaroni is the best food on earth. But only if the combination of shapes includes one box of cartoon shapes and one box of spirals. All other combinations are out of the question.
  4. The best hope for macaroni consumption is fat macaroni. By this I mean something like KFC or Bob Evans or Stouffers. Fat macaroni is obviously of a much higher quality, and therefore is more acceptable for his delicate taste buds (or whatever)!

So basically the problem with dinner last night is that I broke all the rules. I served Kraft. No shape combinations. Definitely not fat macaroni. As a result, he went all drama on us, and dinner was one of those dinner-times that we struggled to get to the end of. Poor kid - if he only realized how many dinner-time stand-off's I've endured with Sebastian, maybe he would also realize he would be much better off to just accept his fate and eat the macaroni.

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