Monday, January 21, 2008

Modern version of soap in the mouth

Today was interesting. Pretty normal for the most part, really, except there was no school. So I left work early to go get the kids from Nicole's so we could spend the afternoon together. When I got there, though, she said she was having a language issue with my darling first-born. He decided today to experiment with using naughty words - in particular the a** word. I asked him about it, and he admitted that he had said it. I told him if he wasn't a big enough boy to choose his words better than that, he was going to take a nap like a baby.

When we walked in the house, Lucas was home, so Sebastian had to explain to his dad why he had to take a nap. He got a second round of scolding (and rightly so), then was sent to bed. All was well for a moment. It wasn't long before I went upstairs to check on Meagan, and I caught Sebastian in the middle of his room playing. Hmm...he got himself in some big trouble for that. When Lucas heard that he had disobeyed and gotten out of bed, Lucas went upstairs to have a chat with him. 'Since taking a nap is obviously too easy of a punishment for you and you're not taking it seriously, I guess we'll have to give you something else to do.' So he gave Sebastian the task of cleaning up the entire basement all on his own...while Isaac sat down there and played play station. Ouch. That hurts. It took Sebastian about an hour and a half or so to clean it up...there were a LOT of toys to put away. Not once did he complain. And only once or twice did I have to prompt him to stop watching his brother play and finish his work. All in all, I got a clean basement out of the deal, and I'm pretty sure Sebastian got the point. Let's hope he thinks twice before trying out ugly words again.

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