Thursday, January 17, 2008


Tuesday was an interesting day. The morning started out great - everyone was listening well, and playing together well, and getting along well....that is, until tooth-brushing time. After Meagan brushed her teeth, something went sour between she and Isaac. They started arguing - I think she was being a pesty little sister and invading his space on the step stool and so forth. I tried to distract her and get her to follow me into my room while he finished up, but my plan didn't work as I'd hoped. I went, but she didn't follow. The next thing I realized, I heard the door shut, and Meagan start crying. I figured he had gotten her out of the bathroom somehow and shut the door and made her mad. But quickly the scream escalated to a shriek, and I knew there was something more to it than she was mad.

I walked back around the corner to find the door shut on her thumb...I mean all the way shut. So, I tried to open the was LOCKED. So now we have Meagan screaming and trying to rip her thumb out of the door, I'm pounding on the door trying to scream louder than Meagan so Isaac can hear me, but he has his head in the sink with the water running. I pounded on the door and yelled for Isaac to open it, to which he responded, 'I'm brushing my teeth, just a minute.' 'OPEN THE DOOR NOW OR I'LL KICK IT IN!' He opened the door, and her thumb was freed.

She looked at her thumb, then looked at me and said, 'Mom, I think I need a band-aid!!!' Then she stuck her hand up over her head (so, the blood was gushing in her hair...ew). So, we got gathered up and ready. I took Isaac to Nicole's and Meagan and I headed to the ER.

After x-rays and lots of people peeking and examining, they determined that there was nothing broken or dislocated internally. Externally was a different story - NASTY. The doctor wanted to stitch the cut, but he said the tissue was too soft and torn, and stitches would pull through the skin - YUCK! They had to burn a hole in her fingernail to relieve pressure and then put a gauze splint on her thumb. Let me tell you, she didn't appreciate having a hole burnt in her finger! She yelled at the doctor, 'I DON'T LIKE THAT HOT THIIIIIIING!' And every time someone would look at it but not fix it, she would say, 'IT'S NOT ALL BETTER YET! YOU HAVE TO FIX IT!' The doctor just laughed and said, 'Wow, she has an opinion about things, doesn't she?' That doctor has no idea (LOL).

When we got back, Isaac gave her a big hug and apologized. She said, 'That's okay Isaac. It just hurts.' What a goofball she is.

We went back today for a follow-up at our family doctor. He took the splint off and checked it out. She's healing fine, although it looks ugly! Then he just put 2 band-aids on it (she finally got her band-aid). She still refuses to use her right hand for anything, but I'd say she'll be just fine.

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Anonymous said...

You have better tell Isaac that pay backs are hell. Meagan will remeber this until the time is right to get her brother back.