Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Painted-On Tattoos

I finished this page over the course of a few nights. I think I started it this weekend? I finished it last night to unwind a little. These pictures were taken in July '07 at a park nearby. Our church had a summer rally - they had hot dogs and games, they did some dramas, and best of all, there was face painting. The boys decided they wanted 'tattoos' instead of having their faces painted. Sebastian picked a crab (LOL - Sebastian the crab! It's still following him around!), and Isaac picked a fish (which turned out to look a lot more like a shark, so we called it a shark).

Right about now, I am REALLY missing the warm weather of July!!!!


Kelli said...

I am SO envious (bad Kelli!) of your digital scrapbooking skills. I love your pages. I just started a "Year in Review" type book. My plan is a 2pg spread a month (Nov through Oct.), so come Christmas time, I have instant Christmas gifts. The downside, I am fitting a lot of misc./unrelated stuff onto a page an trying to make it work. So I will still have to make indiviual pages for more specific events. (Wow - I didn't plan to go into all that). Anyway - keep the pages coming. I love seeing them and hopefully will learning something from them!

Rebecca H. said...

have you considered using a calander format to sort of recap the month's events? Use a general block calander w/ dates in the corner. Then in some of the blocks, replace the block w/ pictures or patterned paper squares. in others, put journaling of events that happened on that date, etc. i've seen similar layouts in magazines & i think they're awesome. plus, then it doesn't matter if your pictures for the month are a bit 'eclectic.' just a thought.

Kelli said...

That's a good idea. I might have to google it to get a visual, but I like the concept. And thanks for the follow-up. Just a heads up, Blogger now has a feature where you can have follow-up comments e-mailed to you. I usually choose that when I comment (although I didn't this time, so I am glad you left me the note). Feel free to delete your reminder post, now. :)