Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Year's Day

A few days late, I know, but HAPPY NEW YEAR! We spent New Year's Day just hanging out and enjoying life. Lucas went out to clear the driveway and sidewalks, and we all followed him out to play in the snow. I got the kids all bundled up, handed them some buckets, grabbed my camera (of course), and out the door we went.

They tried to build a snow fort, or a snow man (either one would have done fine for them), but neither one worked. Not quite the right kind of snow for building. It almost stayed together, but then crumbled in the end. Oh well. They were more than happy to resort to snow angels (or snow belly-flops as Isaac's version goes). They hid in the tree 'snow fort', which was basically a low-hanging branch of one of our pine trees that was weighed down with snow. They even attempted snow balls (which really didn't work so well, for the same reason the snow man and snow fort didn't work, but they still had fun trying). And they made a big game out of making a million tracks in the snow.

I'd say we were out for about an hour. When we finally headed inside (once my camera battery died LOL, and Lucas was done with the snow blowing), we had homemade apple pie and hot chocolate to warm up. Other than that, we played wii, and just hung out. We had a great New Year. I hope you all enjoyed the holidays - and Dad, I hope you had a happy birthday - sorry I missed you when I called.

Tomorrow is the last weekday of Sebastian's school break. Monday he heads back to school, and we have to work to get back to our 'normal' schedule, whatever that is. I'm not working tomorrow, so I'm thinking we'll head to motor development in the morning, and maybe the library in the afternoon before nap. (Maybe the library will be pushing it? We'll see).

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