Thursday, January 3, 2008

Not a resolution...more like an 'I'd like to"

I have to laugh at myself. I was reading some old blog posts, just looking back over the year 2007, and I read one that indicated I felt really bad about missing ONE day of blogging! LOL! Now I think I'm doing great if I get something posted every couple of days! My how times change...actually I think it might have something to do with the projects going on at work that seem to be commanding quite a bit of my attention for the last few months. The good news is I can see the light - I really truly expect it to level off within the next month-ish. Keeping my fingers crossed and plugging along until I get there.

I'm definitely not making any promises, but I really would LIKE to get back to posting more often. I think when I blog it forces me to rethink the day, and the little things that have happened that I might otherwise forget about. Like I was just rereading a post from last Feb. when I got my grocery cart stuck in the snow. I had totally forgotten about it, but when I read that post again, it all came back to me...that was a pretty funny experience actually.

I'm not one for resolutions for the new year, but this will be one of my goals for the year - to post at least 14 posts each month...think I can do it? I hope! I'll try...

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