Friday, March 7, 2008

21 Again!

Well, it's official...I am no longer 20-something. Yesterday was my 30th birthday! I had an absolutely wonderful day, getting phone calls and cards and emails from so many of my favorite people. I can't tell you how loved I feel, and how blessed I am to have so many great people in my life!

As for my most favorite people - Lucas, Sebastian, Isaac and Meagan - we all hung out and spent the evening together. They all took me out to eat - my choice. Since we have been saying for months now that we wanted to go try a new restaurant near one of our good-ol' standby restaurants, I decided we should go there. Only thing is, it looks like we waited a bit too long to try it, because when we got there, it was boarded up and closed! Hmmm...plan B....Red Robin is always good. So, we took a turn around the block and headed to Red Robin.

Other than Isaac getting a black eye on the door as we were walking into the restaurant, we had a great dinner! We (well, I) was laying low, flying under the birthday radar, and I was loving my husband for not saying anything to anyone (although the attention drawn to our table would embarrass him as much as it would me, even if it's not his birthday). When our food came out, it wasn't our waiter that brought it; it was another waitress. As she's passing out the food, Sebastian looks straight at her and says, 'Today is my mom's birthday.' Ooooo, that hurt. So she asked me about it, and told me there was someone else there that was celebrating her 21st birthday. We talked for a second, and she left. Nothing else came of it.

When we had finished, our waiter brought us the bill, and says, 'Oh, were you the one who's having a birthday?' I couldn't lie to the man, although I really wanted to, so I said 'yes.' Very nonchalantly, he says, 'Well, can I bring you a free ice cream?' The kids heard ice cream and all went nuts. So he says no problem, he'll go grab it... he left out that he was also going to grab balloons and 10 other people to sing.

So, here comes the noisy procession all the way to the back corner of the restaurant where we were sitting. The waitress who had brought our food out to us was in the singing group. She looked at me and winked and said, '21 right?' I just laughed & nodded a little, not thinking anything of it - because earlier I had actually told her it was my 30th. The next thing I know another girl is yelling at the top of her lungs that I'm celebrating my 21st birthday! I wanted to crawl under the table and hide! I think that was more embarrassing than the clapping and singing. I mean, clearly I am NOT 21, and all those people sitting around must have thought I was desperate to lie about my age like that...not to mention I'm sitting at the table with my husband and 3 kids - who I would have had to start giving birth to when I was 15!! Sheesh! Oh well, it was still fun. And it made for a funny memory.

When we got home, the boys and Lucas straightened up the house for me - the boys did the living room, and Lucas did the kitchen. I had taken a vow to not cook or clean at all on my birthday, and it was very nice to not have to break that vow. What sweet men I have! It was a great evening (except, like I said, for Isaac's black eye - poor guy - but at least it's someone else's turn besides Meagan's), and a great birthday! And honestly, I am loving where I am right now, and I am so grateful that I am not 21 again!

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Anonymous said...

Glad you had a great birthday!!
Its always embarrassing to get
spotlighted by the singing restaurant crew but free ice cream!

Love ya,

Dad and Nancy