Saturday, March 15, 2008

Saturday Morning

We had a bit of a busy morning this morning. Besides dropping off recycling, which is a normal Saturday affair, we headed over to the middle school to register the boys - yes, Isaac too! - for t-ball this spring. Then we headed to Wal-Mart in search of a new backpack. Sebastian's 1st grade backpack broke some time ago, so for quite a while (a few months at least) he's been using his Cars backpack from Kindergarten. Well, now that one has COMPLETELY fallen apart! The shoulder straps have both disconnected from the pack, and the back of the pack has detached from the front so that it looks like it has a second zipper that is permanently hanging open. I know there are only a few months of school left, and it's a strange time to be buying a backpack, but we had no choice! Hopefully this one holds up, and he can use it for 2nd grade too (yes, I'm totally intending to send my child off for his 1st day of 2nd grade with a used backpack! It will only be 2 months used, so that's really like almost new!)

When we got back from shopping (we did find a backpack BTW - green and gray and black for only $9.) the kids played outside while we got lunch ready. Lucas grilled burgers for us - I've missed the taste of non-George-Forman grilled burgers! They were tasty!

Meagan was totally MELTING at lunch. I gave each of the kids a choice between a cheese sandwich and a cheeseburger. Meagan chose a burger. So, I put it on a bun, put her tomato & pickle on it like she wanted, and put it on her plate. She went nuts! She was screaming and crying that she wanted a cheeseburger. 'That is a cheeseburger' I explained. 'Where?! I don't see it!! It's goooooonnnnnee!' She was in hysterics! Holy cow. I finally took the cheeseburger off of her plate and gave her bologna. Not sure why that solved her issues, but it did. Clearly, she has a different idea of what a cheeseburger is (just like she insists that tacos are called Taco Bell's). She ate her Sun Chips, her beans, and 2 pieces of bologna. Then, first chance I got, I scooped her up and took her off to bed for a (hopefully) LONG nap! That girl!

So anyway, Lucas and I are hanging out (he's playing some old version of Zelda, and I'm blogging/scrapbooking/whatever else on my computer) for a while while all is quiet. We'll see what adventures post-nap time will bring.

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