Friday, March 14, 2008

Take one down, Pass it around

I feel like we're singing '99 cases of sickness on the wall,' and truthfully, I hope we've just passed around our last one! After I got it the other day, Meagan picked it up where I left off. Tuesday morning, we were going to go to story hour, and then I was going to just stay home with the kids to take it easy and finish recovering. We, however, never made it to story hour, because Meagan got sick at breakfast. Poor thing was NOT feeling well. She had slept until 8:00 that morning (which is about an hour later than her normal wake-up time), then fell back asleep on the recliner until I woke her up again at 8:30 to eat. Well, as I said, breakfast didn't go so well. After that, it was back to the recliner for more dozing in and out of sleep while watching PBS Kids. She then fell asleep again in the van on the way to my chiropractor appointment (which, who knew that a chiropractor would be able to make my stomach feel better, but she did!!). Then she (Meagan, not the chiropractor) took a 2 1/2 hour nap when we got home.

Other than all that sleeping and laziness, she didn't get sick anymore, and seemed to be doing okay. So Wednesday, I took the kids to Nicole's and headed back to work. At about 11:30 I got a call - lunch didn't stay down. Poor baby! So, I packed up and headed home to get her. That afternoon was more sleeping and laying around. By evenign, she seemed to be okay, so Thursday we tried again, and made it through the day incident-free!

Now, we've all started on a fun sinus / head cold / chest congestion combo...but this is it! I refuse to accept any more illness after this! Surely this has to be our 99th case of sickness! NO MORE!

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