Friday, May 25, 2007


Other than the fact that I debated on the spelling of 'girly' this page came together fairly quickly. My spell-check had nothing either way, so I looked on-line. I found it both ways there. ?? So I picked the 'y' ending (mostly because I liked the Y font better than the 'ie' font I had to work with. LOL)

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Journaling: Well, with all these cute and flowery doodles and frames, I set out to find the perfect picture of you in all your girly glory. But try as I might, I kept coming up with the total opposite - pictures of black eyes and bruises, of you wearing army hats, football helmets, or your brothers' shoes or undies. In virtually every picture, your face is a mess, your hair is in your eyes, and you are in the middle of mischief. You, my dear, redefine girliness. You have your own set of 'girly' qualities that make you YOU.


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