Sunday, May 27, 2007

This Week STINKS!!

Literally! There have been more 'memorable poo' incidents this week than I would have preferred, to put it nicely. One happened just a little bit ago actually. Meagan is on the potty training path, and has been doing fairly well (considering she just started). Well, she caught herself in the middle of going this afternoon after lunch. She went running to the bathroom, so I sat her on the toilet to let her finish. When she got down, instead of letting me clean her like she usually does, something compelled her to just SIT DOWN on MY LAP! Ugggg! That was gross. I had a poopy little butt print on my leg (thankfully I was wearing long pants).

That's my first story. But, even worse than that....I think it was Wednesday or Thursday night. Meagan had learned to open doors on her own earlier that afternoon, so I had to camp in the hallway at bedtime to keep putting her back in her room. So, I had been sitting out there reading for about 20 minutes, when Sebastian goes running past me into the bathroom. About 30 seconds later, Isaac comes out of the room too, saying he had to go to the bathroom really bad. I told him to go in our bathroom in our bedroom because Sebastian was using theirs. So, Isaac ran off down the hall, and was gone for about 15 minutes or so. He came back by me, went straight into his room, and I didn't hear from him again after that. I thought nothing of it.

Well, about 2 1/2 hours later, Luc and I came up to go to bed ourselves. As we came upstairs, I went to check on the kids, and he went on in our room. As I was covering Meagan up, I hear, "OH MY GOD." Never really what you want to hear. I was thinking Meagan had gotten up and torn up all of the DVDs in our room or something, but as I walked around the corner, and surveyed the room, everything seemed in order...Until I got to the bathroom. Apparently, Isaac really meant it when he said he had to go BAD. Obviously, our bathroom was too far for him to run, and he didn't quite make it. On the floor in front of the toilet were 'piles' covered with toilet paper (that was, by the way, still attached to the roll). It was like connect-the-dots with TP and poo. It was smeared down the toilet, it was on the rugs, it was on the floor. Poor guy had done his best to try to clean up (or cover up), but must have been afraid of getting in trouble, so he never said a word. Let's just say, I short-cut the clean up by throwing away the bathroom rugs. I would rather replace them than waste the time and effort and cleaning supplies to try to clean up that mess. So anyway, the funniest part of the whole thing, in my opinion, was Lucas, who decided to go check out the boys to see if either of them had it on them. So what does he use? Meagan's Thomas the Train flashlight that makes chugging and whistling noises. I could hear him in the other room turning the light on - "Chug chug chug Whoo Whoo." Very discrete, Luc, very discrete. Chalk this up to a classic moment in parenting. At least it was good for a laugh - hope it never happens again.


Anonymous said...

So......What did Lucas find!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey!!!!! Where are the pictures of all this????

Rebecca H. said...

luckily, lucas found nothing worth reporting...all clean. no pics...that's just gross! LOL!

Anonymous said...

lmao I am still laughing and I have heard this storey a couple of times now CHUG CHUG WOOHOO lol lol

love ya colie

CrownRoyal conquered, Gentlemen's Jack not so lucky!! said...

I would have preferred to see pictures of someone praying to the throne