Wednesday, May 2, 2007

I KNEW it was too quiet!!

Three years ago, Sebastian pulled one over on me during nap time. I thought he was being quiet because he was being good and doing what he was supposed to be doing - staying in bed & going to sleep. NOPE! He was being quiet so as not to draw attention to himself! When I went to check on him, I found him in the hallway 'painted' (as he said) with Mommy's makeup!

Fast forward three years to last night. Meagan was in the room with me - in my bedroom. I was standing with my back toward the door (and toward the bathroom) folding clothes on our bed. She got bored and went to find something to do. I thought (wrongly) that she had gone out into the hallway - probably into the boys' room to play. When I went to check on her a few minutes later, I was more than surprised to find her only about 15 feet away from me, covered head to toe in petroleum jelly!! Uggg! I should have known she was being too quiet!! I was torn between scolding her & grabbing the camera. I did both - first take pictures, then scold. LOL! All I could think when I was sitting there trying (TRYING) to clean her off was how much she reminded me of Sebastian when he was her age. And I couldn't help but wonder which was worse - colored makeup that stained his skin and spilled all over the brand new carpet or colorless Vaseline that isn't water soluble, doesn't come out of hair, and clings forever to the inside of washing machines (which I subsequently found out after trying to wash her clothes)! I think I preferred the makeup!


Anonymous said...

go get some simple green and spray it on your washing mach. drum and wipe it off. it should take care of the mess. (YOU KNOW MOST PEOPLE LEARN AFTER THE FIRST TIME) HAA HAA!

NancyJones said...


that happened to me one time with my little girl but she is now 4 and does such things. I thought she was in the living room with her father while i was in my studio working.. he thought she was back here watching tv in my studio NO she was in the bathroom painting the mirror, cabinets and everything with toothpaste!
ANYTIME SHE IS QUIET NOW I call for her and ask what she is doing if she says NUFFFIN I GO RUNNING!

Laura Hiss said...

All I can say Becky, is that tears of laughter filled my eyes! I got into my mom's waterproof mascara one day while getting ready kindergarten. All I remember is being scrubbed with vaseline to help remove it before I was sent on my way to school (we had no eye make-up remover)! So I was into both then! :)

Jacqueline said...

OH that is cute!