Monday, May 14, 2007

Week in Review

Wow, it's been a while since I've had a 'real' post - something besides a scrapbook page. Let's see if I can remember's been a long week.

I guess I can start with Sebastian's music program on Friday. WAY cute! It was farm-themed, so all of their songs were animal related. All of the kindergarten classes - morning and afternoon - were all together. They all sang each song, but during each song, a handful of kids got to come to the front to do something special. Sebastian went to the front on the Chicken Dance. No singing, but LOTS of wiggling. It was soooooo cute - he has a funny little wiggle! And after it was over, he did ask me if I cried at the last song. It was a song they did in sign language, and it was about planting seeds of love and peace in their hearts and letting them grow and bloom. It was a very pretty song, but there was no crying. I think he was a little disappointed that I didn't cry. LOL!

Lucas got to go to his first t-ball practice on Monday. He quickly determined that watching practices was going to be a gigantic test of his patience. Sebastian, again, wasn't paying much attention. I'm not sure what he was doing - making up kung-foo moves maybe? It was nuts. But he was having fun at least.

Not the same story for t-ball on Wednesday. We had a MAJOR melt-down. I guess he was overly tired? Hot? I'm not sure. But at some point during their throwing & catching part of practice, which is the FIRST thing they do, he came over and sat down behind me. When I realized he was there, I told him to get up and go out & play. It was all downhill from there. He worked himself into hysterics! He was sobbing and gasping and choking and coughing. In general, making a huge scene. I let the coach try to calm him down, and I stayed out of it for a while. They took a break for drinks, so I took that as an opportunity to talk to him and try to help him settle himself. Didn't work. He got all worked up again because he had missed throwing the ball (because he CHOSE to sit down??), and in turn, nearly missed batting as well. About 10 minutes later, he came back over to me for the second time - still crying. He was just getting himself wound up, and he was starting to act hateful to his coach, his friends, and me. All of a sudden, he starts coughing really hard (still sobbing profusely). I was in mid sentence, "Don't you dare throw..." Too late. He threw up (not lots, but enough that it was gross) on my arm and on the grass in front of me. Okay, that's enough. Mommy has reached her threshold. "Look, it's okay to be upset, or mad, or frustrated, or whatever you are right now. But it is NOT okay to treat people the way you are treating them right now. Get over yourself. Get back out there, and finish your practice." So he sulked over to the dugout to get ready to start a quick scrimmage. When it was his turn to bat, he walked up to the tee, looked at me, and half-heartedly swung at the ball. But he HIT it (which I think took him by surprise, because I don't think he actually meant to). So he dropped his bat and ran. He just happened to be the last batter on his team, so they had him run the bases. In his eyes, he just hit a HOME RUN! All his troubles were forgotten, and the evening took a turn for the better. They played on the playground for a few minutes after practice, and they all crashed hard when it was time for bed.

I realize that a lot of Sebastian's problem with t-ball comes down to this: His whole life he has always been good at whatever he tries - in most cases, since he's the oldest in the family, he has been 'the best' at whatever game he's playing. Now that he's on a team where he's the youngest and the smallest kid, and he's just middle of the pack as far as skills go, he's feeling a little lost. I talked to him about it the other day when we were playing in the yard, and he said, yes, this was a lot of what was bothering him. I just simply told him that not everything in life is going to come easily, but that some things are worth working at. And I reminded him how awesome it's going to feel when he finally catches or hits or whatever else really well. I think he got it...may need some reminding from time to time, but I think he understood.

Well, on to Friday. Friday morning, we took our last field trip for motor development. We went to a kids' hands-on museum in a town not far from us. It was pretty cute. They had all kinds of stuff - a post office, a grocery store (which was a huge hit with Meagan and Sebastian), a stage and costumes, a music room, a rock climbing wall, and on and on. They had a good time, especially because Keylee went with us.

Oh, at some point this week, we also planted a garden along the side of our house. The boys have been bringing home potted plants of all sorts, and we were running out of room in our window sill. So when Isaac brought home a 2-foot-tall sunflower stalk from his library class, I knew it was time to plant our window sill full of plants. So, after Sebastian got on the bus, Isaac, Meagan, and I headed to Meijer, got some top soil and a few other plants to add to our garden, and headed home to get started. We planted 2 sunflowers (one from each of the boys), a bean (Sebastian's from church), 2 cherry tomato plants, and a regular tomato plant, plus 4 green pepper plants.

Finally, Sunday we celebrated Mothers' Day. We really just took it easy, played outside for a while. We did go to Red Robbin for lunch, though. Yum! Lucas was on-call, but we managed to get through the day without him having to go in to work. So that was a plus. It was a good weekend, a great Mothers' Day. I got 2 more plants - a flower from each of the boys, so I planted those outside this morning.

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