Thursday, May 24, 2007

Shhh! Quiet, she'll hear you!

Well, my kids were in rare form this morning! The boys woke up before me, and, like they often do when they're up first, they headed to the basement to play play station...but not before asking permission. Well, I may not have been fully functioning yet, but I distinctly remember telling Isaac NO this morning. He, apparently, ignored me.

When I got finished showering and getting dressed and ready for the day, I headed down to see what the boys were doing - they were being so quiet! Oh. They were doing what I told them they couldn't. I thought about it, and decided not to blow a gasket - I would just go down and talk to them about it. Weeeeelllll..... I was greeted with the Jango Fet dance on the Bounty Hunter game. They (somehow...who knows how) found 'outtakes' on the game menu, which led them to this crazy dance performed by Jango and some fellow Star Wars characters. The boys were CRACKING UP! I mean, I thought Isaac was going to just burst he was laughing so hard. "Okay, boys, that's enough. Turn it off and let's go have breakfast." I walk upstairs. A few minutes later, they follow. I assumed (you know what they say about assuming) they had turned it off like I asked.

Before I go on, let me just add a side note here. When I came up from the basement, I found Meagan, with a chair pushed up to the counter, climbing on the counter and going through the cabinet where she knows the cookies are kept. Isn't she way too young to be climbing on counters??? Anyway...

After breakfast, the boys headed back down to the basement to 'play.' As they're bounding down the stairs I say, "No more Play Station." "Okay, Mom!" they chime. All is quiet...they must be doing legos or something. Then I hear Isaac laugh, followed by 'Ssshhh, quiet, she'll hear you!" That was all Mommy needed. Within thirty seconds, that PlayStation was unplugged and stashed away, not to be seen again for quite a while. Amid other punishments, they got themselves a LONG gaming reprieve.

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