Thursday, May 3, 2007

Retro Birthday

This is officially my 101st post! I wasn't sure when I started if I'd actually keep up with it or not. So far so good, I guess!

Last night was my first night all week of scrapping - which is amazing since Lucas has been gone all week. Sweet Genevieve is releasing 2 more paper/element packs tomorrow, so I wanted to get something done with at least one of them. After MUCH debate, and cost consideration, I've decided to continue with Grandma's book digitally (so PLEASE let me know if this is NOT okay with you before I get too far into it. It's easy enough to redo a page or 2, but I don't want it to get too far gone...anyway, I'll leave it at that. If I don't hear from you otherwise, I'll keep on with digital). When I saw this paper pack - retro daisy - I thought immediately of all of those 70's pictures of Grandma & Grandpa that I have to scrap still! I found this picture of the gang at Grandma's birthday in 1973. (The white smears at the top are the names of everyone in the picture, blurred out for internet sharing. )

I've got more to share later - some pictures from yesterday of the kids. Hopefully the t-ball pictures turned out good. I haven't looked at them yet. For now, my daughter is stinkin' it up, and if I don't go change her, we're all gonna suffocate LOL!

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