Thursday, May 17, 2007

Ninja Invader

I had a ninja invader in my house last night - or so I thought! I was in the basement on the computer. Lucas was in the kitchen on his. Around 11:00 I got tired and decided to call it quits for the night. So I headed up the stairs to the kitchen. Lucas wasn't at the desk, and all was quiet, so I thought he had gone up to bed. But as I step around the corner coming off the stairs, he comes LEAPING out at me. Truly, I'd say he was at least four feet off the ground - arms and legs flared, and he whoops (I have no other description for the sound he made) like a ninja -'Whaaa!' I jumped a good few feet off the ground myself. He scared the POO out of me! I told him I thought he was some kung-fu guy, and he about peed his pants he was laughing so hard at me. I'm glad he was entertained! It really was pretty funny, I have to admit (now that my heart is out of my throat, and has returned to its regular rate of beating). Hey, at least it makes for some good blogging material! LOL! I'm married to a crazy man!


Anonymous said...

....and NO you still can't give him back......just in case you were going to ask me.

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh after reading this i have tears in my eyes i am laughing so hard after seeing him and Jose the other night at my house i can picture it all so well and it makes me laugh even harder!!