Wednesday, May 16, 2007

It's been a day

Wow, this was one of those days. After already being out at the bus stop for a few minutes, Sebastian somehow still managed to miss his bus. (He said his head got cold, so he came back in, and started watching tv - I was in the bathroom and didn't know until it was too late). And Isaac and Meagan spent all day YELLING! At each other, at me, at the cat, at the toys, at thin air - whatever - just YELLING! I was SO ready for nap time by the time 12:30 rolled around.

The boys and I spent a little time building a zoo today on Zoo Tycoon. That was fun - and addicting, like most sim games. Currently, our alligators and polar bears are angry because there's too much poo in their cages. True story. And of course, being the boys that they are, Sebastian and Isaac think that is just hilarious! But it's a fun game, and they are learning quite a bit from it actually.

T-ball was FREEZING tonight. I kept hoping they would call it for weather, but the darn sun had to come out just in time for the game to go on. Sebastian did really well, though. Even paid attention through almost the whole thing.

Now the kids are all in bed, and I'm ready for an evening to myself, full of quiet & scrapbooking. Tomorrow is another day full of cleaning & getting ready for Meagan's party this weekend. But, no more work and craziness for tonight - just chillin'.

Hasta manana.

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