Saturday, March 10, 2007

A Breath of Fresh Air

Just posting for yesterday for now...
We skipped Motor Development - none of us felt like going, so we figured it would be a good day to stay home. The boys had earned PlayStation time, so they played that in the morning while I got some stuff done around the house. The weather was so nice yesterday, that we couldn't pass up the chance to go outside. We decided to stick to taking a walk, though, because there was still too much snow for bikes & scooters, and the grass is just green mud at this point from all the snow melting. So, we walked down to the end of the circle & back. The kids were outside playing at Nicole's, so we stopped over there for a while. Sebastian, Isaac, Meagan, & Monique made beautiful sidewalk art until it was time to go in (had to take Lilly to the vet for shots). It was so nice to finally get a breath of fresh air! Again today the kids are outside playing...I'm on my way out now to join them. Maybe I'll take some more pictures & post another slide show. Hope you enjoy this one of our pics from yesterday!

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Short Grandma said...

I love the picture of Meagan following Sebastian and Isaac down the street. She does her best to keep up! She doesn't know she is little... She is quite a girl!

Anonymous said...

I love the pix of Meagan trying to keep up with the boys. Saw your mom yesterday. Was so great to see her. Keep on blogging. I love it. Kelli's mom, Jean